Explore a Career in Surveying


A career in surveying has great entry level pay and can start with only a high school diploma. Students who pursue this profession are typically interested in math, primarily geometry and trigonometry. The career also attracts people interested in geology, forestry, history, engineering, computer science, and astronomy. While it is challenging, it is also a very rewarding career.

Trig-Star is an annual high school mathematics competition based on the practical application of trigonometry. Students that participate are not only provided with an opportunity to earn awards, but they also leave with a better understanding of the technical profession of land surveying.
The following schools offer programs in surveying which may be of interest to Illinois students.


Parkland College

Todd W. Horton
(217) 373-3785
Construction Design & Management
Weekend Land Surveying Program

Purdue University - Calumet

Now offering 28 semester hours of surveying classes.
Construction Science & Organizational Leadership


Purdue University - West Lafayette

Steven D. Johnson, Ph. D.
Civil Engineering Program



Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

David Sherrill
(618) 650-5186
Surveying Coordinator

University of Wyoming

Mark Rehwaldt
(307) 766-1700
Land Surveying Program

Colleges and Universities list by the National Society of Professional Surveyors