Boundary Survey Class Takes a Trip to the Field

This month, SIUE Students took a "field" trip to a 5 acre property in rural Illinois to better understand land surveying techniques outside of the classroom. With the help of surveying student Brittney Koter, the class instructor David Sherrill led a 5 hour long boundary survey for the students to gain hand-on experience. 

Sherrill, Koter, and the class performed the survey from start to finish including obtaining legal descriptions to locating monuments, operating the instrument, setting the prism pole, and then balancing angles, closing the traverse table, and drafting the plat in AutoCAD. 


"The entire experience was very beneficial to be hands on learning versus just reading about it from a book. It also helped show the entire group how much fun surveying can be after Mr. Sherrill let us use the six wheeler to get from set up to set up across the five acre property."  Says Koter, who is heavily involved in the IPLSA student chapter at SIUE and is a 2017-2018 IPLSA Scholarship Winner. 

Thanks for sharing, David and Brittney!