Teaching Tools -  Basic Surveying Skills

Illinois land surveyors are grateful for vocational agriculture teachers who teach basic surveying skills in our high schools. To support agricultural education, we are sharing these videos and documents for use in the class room.  Documents (if available) to support the instructional videos are linked from the lesson title. Please feel free to use these resources. We appreciate your partnership in teaching the next generation of surveyors.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Surveying in Agriculture

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Lesson 3 - Leveling, Part 1

Lesson 5 - Leveling, Part 3

Lesson 7 - Leveling, Part 5

Lesson 9 - Reading the Level Rod  (doc)

Lesson 11 - Computations:  Area

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Lesson 2 - Distance Measurement

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Lesson 4 - Leveling, Part 2

Lesson 6 - Leveling, Part 4

Lesson 8  - Setting up the Automatic Level (doc)

Lesson 10 - Computations:  Slope

(under construction)

Lesson 12 - Land Descriptions

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